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About Us

In the shadow of the great recession, thousands of homeowners in California remain in some stage of distress about their mortgage and many are still facing the foreclosure of their homes. Possible solutions that seem so simple – Loan Modification? Refinance? – are fraught with never ending processes, continuous denials and for some are simply out of reach. And for those who were able to modify, rates are resetting at monthly payments that are no longer sustainable. The complexity of distressed homeownership is overwhelming and the information that claims to assist is both confusing and contradictory.

Stangl Advisors, founded by Harald Stangl and Marjorie Scholtz, evolved to assist homeowners address and resolve the complex issues of distressed homeownership. Pioneers in mortgage crisis solutions and alternatives to foreclosure, Harald and Marjorie have helped thousands of homeowners navigate home retention strategies, exit strategies and alternatives to foreclosure, since the beginning of the mortgage and housing crisis.

With knowledge, expertise and a handpicked team of project analysts, Stangl Advisors brings a new standard and level of service to its clients and utilizes the most current federal and state legislation, homeowner programs, alternatives to foreclosure and real estate transactions to create tailored solutions that achieve positive outcomes for their clients and foundations for their futures.


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead 

The Founders

Harald Stangl
Harald StanglFounder & Co-CEO
Harald Stangl has led complex loan modification negotiations and alternatives to foreclosure since the beginning stages of the U.S. mortgage and housing crisis. Harald believes in building long-term client relationships, meeting face-to-face, and vigorously advocating for his clients. His analytical approach, thorough understanding of financial markets, and real estate expertise achieve superior results for clients.

Early in his career, Harald developed a passion for real estate and has shown consistent success in many areas, including rehabilitating apartment buildings, optimizing tax deferred exchanges and NNN (triple net) real estate investments.

Harald is a licensed real estate broker with the BRE and certified instructor for the California Association of Realtors for the U.S. Treasury’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) Program. In addition, he is a Certified Short Sale Negotiator Instructor. Harald has been a guest speaker for the California Association of Realtors, as well as various national and international events on foreclosure alternatives and investment opportunities.

Marjorie Scholtz
Marjorie ScholtzFounder & Co-CEO
January 1, 2017

To my clients (friends), employees, partners and to all of you who have worked so diligently with Harald and me over the last decade in our fight and preservation of homeownership. It has been my honor serve you and to work with you.

Most of you already know, but in case you haven’t heard, you can find me at my new venture, Verbhouse. We are working on our launch in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming soon!

My new email is Visit me at


Marjorie Scholtz is a pioneer and leading expert in mortgage crisis solutions. She has assisted thousands of homeowners throughout California with strategies to navigate complex distressed home ownership.

Marjorie is a champion and aggressive defender for her clients (to put it mildly). She advocates transparency, empowerment, freedom, vision, and the future and no person can escape her passionate interest in their success.

An early adopter of Federal and State home owner programs and legislation, Marjorie speaks regularly at financial and real estate association events both locally and nationally on the subject of home ownership in today’s market and foreclosure alternatives.

She has been recognized as a national thought leader on managing distressed properties and she regularly consults with real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages, attorneys and certified public accountants to develop strategies for complex mortgage refinance, loan modifications and short sale transactions.

“The Stangl Advisors staff…infused with the same level of ethics and sincerity as Harald and Marjorie.”

V.A.S. – San Francisco, CA


Exit Strategy

Marjorie and Harald handled a difficult short sale for us – one of the most notoriously difficult “mortgage servicers” and then Fannie Mae as the investor and then buyers who were on the fence. So three different parties and a short time line for us.

Although I was overly anxious and bouncing off the walls, they were calm and when necessary, could talk me through everything when need be.

I am so happy that we went with Stangl. They know the ropes very well. Because they are so good they are very busy and so you need to keep this in mid. But, I am so relieved our house sold under very trying circumstances.

Thank you Marjorie (and Yvette) and Harald!

Bill A. Modesto, CA
Home Retention

Stangl Advisors (Harald and Marjorie) are simply amazing. I worked closely with Marjorie and she is knowledgeable, understanding, honest and absolutely approachable. My parents needed assistance with getting their home loan modified. Marjorie worked diligently calling and submitting the required paperwork to the bank. She would also call or email me daily updates on what’s going on with the loan modification.

In the state of California, it is illegal to charge fees for a home loan modification. Stangl Advisors did NOT charge me a single penny for all their hard work.

I am deeply thankful that I have found Stangl Advisors and I would recommend them to anyone show needs assistance with their home loan modification or short sale.

Ryan L. Sunnyvale, CA
Home Retention

If you are in need of a modification pick up the phone and call Stangl Advisors. I did and in a matter of weeks I got a modification. This is an excellent group of people who know how and what they are doing. If there is any chance of a modification Stangl Advisors will make it happen.

AND I WAS NOT CHARGED A FEE! Can you imagine this? It is very true and these people know how to make modifications happen. I can not say enough about this staff. I get to keep my house because of Stangl Advisors. Make the call and they will give you your best shot at a modification.

It is your best shot for these folks to handle your modification.

Gregory H. Forestville, CA
Exit Strategy

We were referred to Stangl Advisors by our financial planner. We needed to sell our underwater condo in Richmond (Marina Bay area). Neither my wife nor I had ever done a “short sale”. We were anxious to say the least. Harald and Marjorie were top notch all the way through the process (10 months). And PATIENT with a couple “nervous nellie” clients.

Enthusiastically recommended!

Greg A. Richmond, CA
Exit Strategy – Probate

These guys are the real deal. I had a complex estate sale that took almost three years to close. Because of their experience, knowledge and tenacity they closed it last month. The number one goal was to incur no cost to the estate or the heirs.

They got it done. I highly recommend Stangl Advisors!

Larry D. Redmond, WA
Exit Strategy

I would highly recommend Stangl Advisors if you need help with a short sale of your underwater property. They helped me with my difficult decision and answered all my questions. They also inspired my confidence and followed through with a fairly painless process in which they took all the work upon themselves. I am now free to start over and it feels great.

Thank you Harald, Marjorie and all the team at Stangl Advisors!

Julie D. San Francisco, CA
Home Retention

Sometimes in your life when you have no place to go or call you just pray for an angel to help you. Marjorie was my angel.

There are no words that I can express how thankful I am for all her help. She made the impossible become reality. I was fighting by myself against two angry lenders from the last 6 years and I thought that I had no chances to be able to keep my home. Marjorie and her wonderful team helped me with the whole process and I just got my loan modification completed as of yesterday.

She never asked for any money for her help and she (Harald and her whole team) put a lot of hours and hard work in this negotiation.

God Bless Your Heart. You made a friend for life Marjorie. Thanks!!!

Jose C. San Francisco, CA
Home Retention

I heard about Stangl Advisors from a radio commercial. I caled and the very first thing that Marjorie informed me was that they don’t charge for home modification assistance. That put me at ease immediately.

Had I not called Stangl, I would still be in trial modification (almost a year). Marjorie escalated my petition to Fannie Mae. Right away. I received a call from my bank – something I have been trying to 10 months without success. Marjorie and Harald are very nice to talk with.

Thank you guys!

Au M. Daly City, CA
Home Retention

Marjorie, Yvette, and the Stangl Advisors team are the best in the business for those seeking assistance with a loan modification.

Marjorie is an honest, intelligent, and passionate professional. She contacted my bank on the same day or our first meeting and started the process right away. Yvette assisted me through the entire application process and contacted all the bank reps that were involved with the loan modification.

After one month my application was approved! Upon completion of the trial payment period, I will receive a lower interest rate and the monthly payment will e reduced by more than $500.00. I am so happy I will keep my home thanks to Stangl Advisors!

I will highly recommend them to all my friends!

Santos D. San Francisco, CA
Exit Strategy

Harald and Marjorie and all the staff were great.

I was so stressed out when I called Marjorie and she was so understanding and knowledgeable about what I was going through.

She got the banks of my back and then Harald helped me to understand the show process of a short sale because I was so far behind I saw no light in the tunnel.

He helped me with a short sale and now I’m debt free from a mortgage. The support I got from them and all their staff was greatly appreciated.

If anybody needs help out there I highly recommend Stangl Advisors because they truly hard working supportive and very knowledgeable in their field.

Sonya T. Brentwood, CA
Home Retention

I’m thankful to have found Stangl Advisors when facing a loan modification. I was advised of all the options available based on my personal goals rather than their business needs. This allowed me to make well informed decisions and I would recommend them to anyone.

Marjorie is wonderful to work with. She is knowledgeable, understanding and honest and with her years of experience, guided me successfully through the loan mod process.

While the entire team at Stangl Advisors is great, my main contact was Yvette who patiently took my calls, answered my many questions and reassured me when things looked questionable.

Marjorie and Yvette were my guiding angels through the loan mod maze.

Patrick B. Pleasant Hill, CA
Exit Strategy

Thanks to the skills of Stangl Advisors I was finally able to retire. I was well past retirement age but, although I was current on my mortgage on my condo, I was feeling increasingly hopeless because the HOA fees had been increased do to several looming repair projects. The current value of the condo was well under the amount I still owed.

Then a referral to Marjorie resulted in a consultation with her that restored my hope. When I met with Harald, he further buoyed my feelings and started the process of a short sale involving difficult servicers and FM. They, along with their assistants Rachel, Jon and Ana, were successful in finding a buyer and successfully navigating the rough waters of the short sale.

I highly recommend Stangl Advisors as realtors and short sale specialists.

Lynda B. Denver, CO
Exit Strategy

OK…here is a review for all those out there who usually don’t use yelp as a ”go to” for finding a business…if there were six stars available, I would give Stangl Advisors all six…yes, they were (and are) that good.

From Harald to Marjorie, Rachel and Jon – all were extremely good in helping me negotiate and navigate through the brutal experience of a loan modification for my home.

Don’t attempt this on your own yelp people…the bank(s) typically DO NOT want to help you and in my case, they strung me out for so long (constantly asking for documentation that had already been sent to them) that I was close to being upside down on my home.

Stangl patiently explained why the bank was doing what they were doing and together we decided to do the logical thing and sell my house.

Stangl took care of EVERYTHING from A-Z beginning to end…really. All I had to do was relax and wait for the equity I was about to lose, instead be deposited into MY bank account.

No understand, timing was right for me and maybe not everyone will be as lucky as I was, but guaranteed, Stangl Advisors will work as hard for you as they did for me to assist in creating the best solution possible.

Grateful…period! Thanks to all @ Stangl Advisors!!!

Jimmy P. Mill Valley, CA
Exit Strategy

What ever accolades you read about Stangl Advisors (Harald and Marjorie) there are simply not enough words to describe their professionalism, understanding, communication, knowledge, confidence, focus, and results. For me, I am so stunned that they were able to take an impossible situation and make it possible in just 21 days.

As a widow on a fixed income, dealing with an inflexible bank, I was coerced by fraud offers to “fix” my situation, belittled by individuals who would not listen and even hounded by outright thugs. After exhausting a myriad of possibilities, I felt completely alone and facing the worst outcome. With the clock ticking on a notice of default and foreclosure. I called Harald & Marjorie., who saw me the next day. They immediately understood the urgency and devised a strategy.

Marjorie dealt with the notoriously difficult bank and their seemingly endless requirements. Without a delay, Harald was able to use his extensive contacts to attract a buyer and maximize my equity. There were a few wrinkles on the way to closing, yet Harald and Marjorie calmly found solutions and dealt with the bits and pieces, always keeping me informed and involved. The Stangl Advisors staff could not have been supportive or more positive, infused with the same level of ethics and sincerity as Harald and Marjorie.

In addition to their stellar professionalism and personalized results, they are both warm, funny intelligent people you would like to have within your own circle of friends. Harald and Marjorie have the knack of treating you with a very genuine warmth and respect, something rarely found in today’s business dealings.

For anyone faced with a challenging, complex or shady real estate situation, I would recommend Stangl Advisors in a heartbeat.

V.A.S. San Francisco, CA
Home Retention

Marjorie and Harald and their team of professionals were there for me every step of the way throughout this entire complex process and best of all I received a first class service at no cost to me.

Prior to working with them I had consulted with lawyers., real estate agents and had realized that none of them had a clear picture of how the bank evaluates and responds to different circumstances and their suggestions seemed more on a self-serving side rather than what was best for me.

I was referred to Stangl Advisors through a friend, and within 15 minutes into our meeting I realized that I had learned more than what I had learned cumulatively from all the other specialized individuals that I had met previously.

Through their own personal experiences and working with hundreds of clients they had learned ins and outs of how the bank functions with delinquent homeowners and what course of actions provides the best result for the suffering homeowners who are having difficulties making mortgage payments and are in process of facing foreclosure or bankruptcy.

I highly recommend for anyone struggling with keeping their home to schedule a 30 minute consultation with them.

The consultation and their entire service is free. You don’t have anything to lose.

Ardy V. Greenville, SC
Home Retention

Here’s the short version in case you don’t want to read. I worked with Marjorie. She is as sharp as a tack, handled EVERY curve ball I threw at her, know ALL the ins and outs of loan modifications and saved our house of 22 years. She did all of this FREE of charge. I never event met her! She did this just because she cares about what the banks are doing to people. I cannot say enough about the people who work at Stangl Advisors. They get the banks off of your back and get you your life back!

Now if you want to know the story…here it is:

I don’t even know where to begin…We started the process 5 years ago of trying to get our house in a government modification program. It started with me calling the bank, the bank asking me if I was behind on my mortgage (isn’t the point NOT to be behind) and then them telling me to call back when I was! So, I called right bank! When they asked me if I was behind, I just said yes! They sent us some papers and we dutifully filled them out and mailed them in thinking we were on our way to getting a modification that we desperately needed! HA HA HA HA!!!

Little did I know that over the course of the next four years we would repeat this process over and over and over again. The bank would lose papers, their fax machine wouldn’t work, we sent the wrong paper in, we sent the right paper to the wrong place…you name it! Anything to NOT give us the modification…Well, now that were behind, we didn’t qualify for some of the modifications. I kid you not. At this point I was about to jump ship. We have lived in this house for 22 years. it is NOT fancy. It is 60 years old. We have always paid our payments. We were not delinquent or under water. We have equity in the home! My husband was just laid off and we needed some help.

So…I was talking to my friend and she said, “Oh you should call Stangl” WHO? “Marjorie at Stangl Advisors. They have helped my sister and brother a ton.” So I looked on Yelp! of course and gave Marjorie a call.

She was on the phone with the bank, myself and my husband that day. She figured out what was going on and went to work. She did all the paper work for us and we didn’t even have to talk to the bank. If the bank called us we just referred them to Stangl…WE JUST GOT APPROVED!!! On Dec 1st we make our first trial payment on a REAL HAMP modification. The real thing. After FIVE Years…They saved my home. Now my children can continue to live here my dog can continue to have his special corner by the front door and I can breath.

There are times when words are just not enough.

Kara W. San Jose, CA
Home Retention

Stangl Advisors is an organization that represents the opposite of what we have all come to know in this country as corrupt, misrepresented and tainted in today’s corporate world of greed, deception and impersonations.

Not unlike the thousands of homeowners caught in the squeeze of the toxic mortgage loan scams that ushered in the United State’s Great Recession and near collapse of the US economy, my wife and our family were at wit’s end in trying to secure a new loan for our home.

We were qualified and approved after a year of vetting by the original note holder and the very month we were approved, our bank, (unbeknownst to us as a Lehman Brother’s vehicle for financial maleficence) bellied up. Per the rules of the game, our new home mortgage bank, another representation of all that is corrupt in this world out of Lewisville, TX, told us to get in line and to apply all over again.

After two years of being introduced to a new account manager every month or told to re-send the same documentation we had already submitted to NS out of Lewisville, TX, over a dozen times over and over again…in less than 30 days, Stangl Advisors secured a 4.1%/40 year, fully amortized loan for our home.

Yes Virginia, there is a God!

Stangl Advisors went above and beyond in helping us get our modification. They saved our house from foreclosure and we are not only relieved but delighted beyond belief!

The Stangl Advisors team, Rachel, Ana and Marjorie, were responsive, caring, comforting, empathetic, understanding and with assassins’’ eyes on their target and laser like execution directed us on the path for our home loan approval in an unbelievably short period of time. The whole experience could not have been more like a dream come true to offset our nightmare experience with this nefarious bank out of Lewisville, TX…

Call your friends, call your relatives, tell your Boss and co-workers, and shout from the rooftops, there is hope out there for the thousands and thousands of people just like us in danger of losing their homes with a call to the one and only Stangl Advisors Team.

Jay & Denise M. Castro Valley, CA
Exit Strategy

I never had to take time to think about what to write in a review, or wrote something this long, before this one. Why? because I have to make sure Stangl Advisors receives the credit they deserve for all they have done for me.

Months ago, I called up Stangl Advisors in a panic as my rental property was going to be foreclosed within 2 weeks. Marjorie immediately got on the phone for a 3 way conference with my bank inquiring about my loan details. She was able to get some information they had never answered me before. The bank’s rep tried to dodge Marjorie’s questions but she gave him a run for his money. I was really impressed! The rep swore it would be impossible to apply for a short sale this late in the game. Boy he couldn’t have been more wrong!

Marjorie know exactly what to do and got right to work on my case that evening. She was kind, smart, professional, hones and tough! Along with Alison and others, they were able to get my short sale application in, got the bank (my bank was know to be one of the most difficult to deal with.) to postpone the foreclosure sale again and again and again to give us time to submit more documents. Alison was assisting my case every step of the way. She was always professional and nice.

At one point I was very worried about the huge amount of forgiven debt after short sale for my rental property. Marjorie was able to find me two professional CPA s for a free phone consultation. Most people I’ve talked to had no clue about this including these two CPA s. Not a problem, Marjorie again came through and found a third CPA, Amy, who know exactly what my tax would be. Amy sent me a bunch of her research documents on the topic., spent half an hour on the phone with me (again, for free!) explaining how it would work and was even crunching the numbers for me. Thank you Amy!

Finally I want to mention that I had total peace of mind during the process. I believe that this is their goal for their customers, and they were good at that. I never had to worry whether anything would go wrong for the many months of the short sale process. Alison was constantly emailing/calling me to sign documents, etc. as needed. Harald even personally drove to my house with a notary person to make sure we closed the sale properly. And we did.

I am extremely thankful I have found Stangl Advisors. I truly, highly, definitely recommend their 5 star service! Actually no, more like 10 stars!

Brian T. Hayward, CA

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin 

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